Valey of Ocala
Feast of Tishri
14th Degree Ring Ceremony
November 15, 2021.

Special Guests
Bro. Jack Hampton, 32° KCCH Senior Grand Deacon
Ill. Ralph Shollenberger 33° Personal Rep.
R∴ W∴ Don Cowart 32° KCCH Junior Grand Warden

Venerable Master Larry Kent 32° KCCH

Head Table Right side: PR & GS with their Ladies.

Head Table Left side:
Director of Works, his Lady and Master of the Kadosh.

Oration by Bro. Phil Labert, 32° KCCH

Greetings from Ill. Ralph Shollenberger, 33° PR

1st Toast by Bro. Victor Campbell, 32° KCCH

2nd Toast by Bro. Jim Chaffin, 32° KCCH

3rd Toast by Bro. Robert Cox, 32°

4th Toast by Bro. Tom Tyner, 32° KCCH

5th Toast by Bro. Michael Gaudiosi, 32°

6th Toast by Bro. David Windmiller, 32°

7th Toast by Bro. Bob Gargano, 32°

8th Toast by Bro. Larry Kent, 32° KCCH

Honor Guard: Knights of St. Andrew

Master of Ceremonies Bro. Phil Labert, 32° KCCH

Monologue by Bro. Michael Asquino, 32°

Monologue by Bro. Miles Goodman, 32°

Bro. Tom Bosse, 32°

Bro. Robert Cox, 32°

Bro. Robert Greene, 32°

Bro. , Rick Hidde 32°

Bro. David Jones, 32°

Bro. TBA, 32°

Bro. , Jimmy Marko 32°

Bro. Fred Morrison, 32°

Bro. Sam Schuyler, 32°

Bro. Christopher Townsend, 32°

Bro. , Tom Waldron 32°

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